Crystal calm motivation deck

This pocket-sized 45-card deck is here to bring the calm back to the clutter, chaos and confusion in life’s daily episodes. It can speak as the Universe, God, angels, your life coach, spiritual guru, nagging mom, doting teacher, that-brutally honest BFF or whoever makes you GET. THINGS. DONE.

May this magical bundle bring you the peace, calm and guidance you need towards your dreams and most authentic self!


  • Use for daily guidance, oracle readings and affirmation prompts

  • Great for navigating life forward fearlessly

  • Comes with an honest and straightforward guide sheet

  • If the #InklingsMeditationDeck answers "What do I need right now?" by default, this card answers "How can I best move forward with my concern?"

  • *Motivates you like a best friend or personal life coach


Energy Exchange:
PH - 1900php (plus P150 shipping fee )
INTL - $40 USD (plus shipping fee)

How to order:

1. Please message me with the following:



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2. I will reply with your invoice together with my Payment Method and Delivery Terms.


3. After payment, please send me your deposit slip so I can process your order.


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