This pocket-sized deck of 30 cards were all intuitively doodled and charged with Reiki by Guada Tagalog for healing and manifestation.


You can use it for Daily Guidance, Oracle Readings, Meditation/ Intuitive Art Prompts or whatever your intuition draws you to do with it. It also comes with a guide sheet and lots of good vibes!


Price: 1800 php or $40

* Shipping fee not included*


How to order:

1. Please message me with the following:



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2. I will reply with your invoice together with my Payment Method and Delivery Terms.


3. After payment, please send me your deposit slip so I can process your order.


"Art, with healing, Inspiration and passion. I recommend this oracle deck anymore to anyone that I already have 10/10 stars!!!" - Robert Rubin, Owner and Tarot Authority, Mysterium Philippines


"The energy and the intent of the creator feels wonderful to me. This deck is smaller than the usual tarot size and that makes it easier to travel with. If you have small hands this going to be easy to deal with for you. The card stock is sturdy and easy to shuffle. It also comes with a pouch which I love because I automatically have a place to store it in. The drawings are beautiful and they are really nice to just stare at when you want to meditate. I keep seeing different aspects of the design the more I use it. It is simple to use, whether you use it as a journal prompt or as meditation card or for readings. Overall I really love the Inklings Meditation deck!" - Zaza


"Her Inklings Meditation Deck is gorgeous, and the guide that comes along with it? On point. She’s also very supportive. She encourages you to discover your path as a healer as well" - Zep

"Inklings by Guada Tagalog came out at the perfect time for me. I had put my shiatsu practice on hold even the remote healing sessions I’d been doing for almost 20 years. I had the feeling in my heart that this was the right thing to do. Then I saw the Inklings card by Guada and felt a real spark of energy ignite in my hands. There is so much energy flowing from these cards. They speak more clearly than any others I have experienced. When I set an intention and work with them I hear their voice in resonance with my questions. AND My hands vibrate so I know there is more to discover of their healing frequencies. Thank you Guada for creating Inklings. They are powerful catalysts for my reemergence as a channeler and energy healer."  - Marianne Steele, Spiritual Medium