August 31, 2017

July 5, 2017

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Hacking Stressful Situations Through Mindfulness (aka How To Be Extra Patient in Life)

April 1, 2019

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20 Things To Tell Yourself Whenever Life Doesn't Give You Lemons

September 15, 2017

No more insightful introductions -- we all know the feeling.


1. This is good content for my future inspirational speech. - My personal favorite


2. Failures make great comeback stories.


3. Rejections are the Universe's or God's way of saving you the trouble of finding out you don't belong there.


4. When one door closes, keep on knocking. You just got the wrong address. There's a huge ass gate out there with your name on it. And it comes with a garden.


5. Life is about learning to get better at getting back on your feet.


6. Either dwell on it longer or figure out the next step fast. Whether you like it or not, you have no choice but to move forward.


7. The world doesn't owe you anything. It actually doesn't owe anybody so we're all on the same rocky boat. 


8. No use to compare yourself to others -- we all get the same sucky package sometimes. They just come in different wrapping paper.


9. All stories have sad bits. This is just one of those episodes or chapters of your life. Be emo today, but don't be OA. You hold the theme to your life. Is it a romantic comedy? Is it drama? Is it the feel-good type? 


10. Don't get mad, get better. Don't complain, come back stronger. 


11. Take advantage of this incident. You're feeling a lot right now. So recycle it for something better -- like a blog topic, a song or a painting.


12. Go out, watch your favorite series, eat your favorite food, treat yourself somewhere nice. Don't let the world win today. Reflect and restore yourself. You know yourself best. But don't do anything stupid.


13. Talk to friends. Let them get angry or irritated on your behalf. Then let them tell you that you deserve better -- because you do. I guarantee the situation will cheer you up.


14. You've been through something like this before. And you know it won't be big of a deal after you give it a couple of days or years. Time heals. 


15. We're all inside ourselves -- we can't change the channel of our lives. So it's also up to us to make situations like these work for us.


16. Smile at yourself in front of the mirror. You'll find it weird and funny.


17. Focus on what you can control.


18. This is but a small problem in the world, no the universe rather. You'll get over it.


19. There are miracles and second chances. Life may throw you a curve ball, but that also works both ways. 


20. Never forget you are special and unique. Travel your own lane. You'll get where you need to be.So might as well enjoy the ride.




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