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July 5, 2017

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April 1, 2019

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When The Real You Comes For You.

February 18, 2019

Now that I'm back to being a full-time self-employee, I thought I should still have a 'flexi-routinary' work schedule as a preventive measure from total hermithood. I'm not a vampire (which could've been more convenient), so I still need to get my healthy dose of sunlight and exercise daily.

And since the whole point of my freelance life (aside from earning money) is to just do the things I love, I made sure that my morning sched involves self-improvement and meditation. 

So I start my day by cooking breakfast and bringing my husband to work. Then I hop off to the nearby park to befriend a happy little tree where I meditate, ground and center before I do my errands for the day. Like a real remote-working housewife. And I think it's beautiful.




Why did I do this anyway?


SIMPLE: I did not want to fail myself. Technically, nobody can really "fail" as these moments are just lessons for growth. But if I am to use this word to describe how I feel: I just can't imagine the thought of seeing myself - in my deathbed - knowing that I could've tried to pursue my dreams, but didn't. Just because I was scared. As a spiritual and life coach, it would be pretentious to not follow my inkling. So here we are. 


Right now, I am just so grateful for giving myself the chance to be away from digi-glares and be surrounded by nature.  I am empowered by the uncertainty of the future and all the magical experiences I can curate for this life. This may sound like a really crazy millenial idea to just leave the corporate life for the unknown (cue: eyeroll), but I've reached the point where this is the only decision that makes sense to me. And it took me almost 30 years of my life. 


I had to accept that my dream job can't be found in an elegantly packaged box. I had to create it to fit who I am and the set of gifts I've long set aside in exchange for stability.


But who said it can't be stable?

We owe it to ourselves to create the life we want. Nobody's gonna do the work for us. It's a true collaboration of you and the Universe / God. The best time to do it is when you decide to do so. After all, we are the ones setting our own rules of "being me". I mean, if I can work 8 hours a day for other people, imagine what I can do if use the same time and effort to grow my own art and wellness career? The possibilities are endless. So are the Netflix shows and siestas I can avail at my own choosing.

Have you been setting realistic rules and structures for yourself? 

Realistic in terms of how you actually know who you are -- not exactly how other people define it to be.


I used to tell myself, "When reach this... or when I can already do this... or earn this... then I will do this full time." But in reality, the fastest way to reach my goals was to just do it. The goal wasn't to fulfill these "terms" - it was the clarity of wanting to do my passions. I set metrics for things that may take wrinkles and white hair to happen. I felt like I was wasting time by the day, until I grew impatient and felt that there was no other way. I mean, I have been doing this for the longest time, but never ALL the time. So I just short circuited my series of plans and went straight to it. Marie Kondo and Miles Morales did help me though: Now I am sparking joy by taking my own leap of faith. 

The future may be uncertain, but I also have a lot of things I am positively certain about: myself and the intention behind this path I chose. Not everyone will understand (even I don't understand sometimes, I just know this is what I need to do), and it's okay. But it's not that easy. I literally had to evaluate my survival tactics (because the legend of the rent was way hardcore) and chant abundance rituals in the process.

Personal Affirmation: I know myself the best and what it's like to be me. I am the most credible person to make this decision for the person I want to become. And what I can do now is to be grateful for this blessing and the people who believe in what I can do. 

P.S. Just in case you're wondering what it is I DO do -- I am an Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Life coach. Now I plan on spending my days creating art, making tattoos, enjoying life, being a great family woman, collecting awesome memories, spreading magic, and most of all, helping people create the life they want just as what I am doing now.


This is my self-love story. What's yours? 


If you want to look deeper into creating your own goals for self-love, I will be conducting the Self-Love Portrait workshop on Saturday, Feb 23, 2019 from 1 to 4pm. You can learn more about this painting workshop over here.  We still have a couple of slots left, please reserve yours by sending me a message in any of my social media pages. :) 



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