August 31, 2017

July 5, 2017

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Hacking Stressful Situations Through Mindfulness (aka How To Be Extra Patient in Life)

April 1, 2019

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Hacking Stressful Situations Through Mindfulness (aka How To Be Extra Patient in Life)

April 1, 2019

Yesterday, I set aside "Mindful Me-Time" to prepare for the mayhem that goes by the name of LTO (to renew my license and update my civil status).


Without further ado, I present to you the solution: 




I kid you not. 


And it's not just about praying to God to make all the external shit work out for you (remember - you still need to work for it), it's also about being able to condition your mind to act in the best possible way for whatever length of waiting line is waiting for you in the urban jungle.


So before I went to sleep last night, I prayed to God and the Universe:


"Thank you for the fast, easy and hassle-free transactions tomorrow. Thank you for my incredible patience and for protecting me from people's stressful energies. Tomorrow's gonna be a productive day!"


Phrase it anyway you like -- just make sure you sound like your claiming it, not asking for it. There is a vibrational difference of "I have" vs. "Please give me". The former makes it almost like a command (and thus a stronger vibration) and the latter makes it sound like an option. I highly recommend to start with "Thank you for (insert outcome / all the power ups and strength you need).".


So what happened today?


Stressful, of course -- IF I didn't do my 5 minutes of mindfulness last night.


Here's how it all went down: Traffic. Ended up at the wrong center. Grabbed to another. Lots of people. Formed in line. Realized at the cashier that my money wasn't enough (renewals can be expensive af) so I had to walk to the ATM and back. Wait. Wait. And..oh yeah, wait some more!


But the thing was, I was super chill the entire time. Couldn't even rely on screen surfing because #lowbat. My mind was blank. I people watched like a pro. Not a single negative thought heard. I patiently waited in my seat the entire time so much so that if I were a dog, I'd give myself a treat (well I ain't one but I got myself treated anyway - more on that later).


I got my license by lunch time, and because my patience level was impressive today, I decided to milk the unicorns out of it to get my other government id's updated (cracks knuckles)! 


So off I went to Philhealth and got my ID. Got my SSS form (they asked me to come back another day). Then I filed my Pag-ibig form for approval. All I have to do is go back 3 days later. DONE!


...Or is it? 


Because on my way home, I even had some spare patience to form in the infamous Tiger Sugar line.


I finally got home by 4pm via a 1 to 2km walk (after I procured some art materials and dropped off the milk tea to my husband's office).


And I still have the energy to blog.


The Moral Lesson of the Story:


1. Time is Relative. Stress is relative.

- If you focus on stress and all the bad stuff happening, time WILL get slower. Focus on what you want not what you don't. Law of attraction, folks!


2. Stress will not expedite the process.

- No amount of stress can fly you off to the front line. But it may get you to trend online if you make a scene.


3. Setting your intention is a great way to condition (aka productively brainwash) yourself.

- While we can't immediately change the process of many things (sadly), we can change the way we act and think while in the situation.


Nifty game analogy: In your mindful session, just equip yourself with the power ups and weapons you need (ex. Patience as power up and a book or crochet kit or whatever for a weapon). 


4. Breathing is life, but breathing exercises is lifer.

- There's always a good "Inhale 1 2 3 4, Exhale 1 2 3 4" card for any situation. 


5. You deserve a treat.

- Remind yourself of what you'll get out of the whole experience. And just like in any yoga and meditation class, be grateful for showing up. Heck, be really really grateful by buying milk tea (like me).


But Guada, what if (insert other situation here)?


Well, if you're looking for more ways to manage your stress, EQ and patience levels, feel free to book a Life Coaching, Therapeutic Art Coaching or Reiki Session with me at


To end, here's my #DoodleDownloadsbyGuada for the day:




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